A Little Rain

Just A Little Rain

It’s normally pretty dry in this neck o’ the woods during this time, but the last two days have seen a few strings of storms roll through the area. The farmers around here aren’t all that excited (despite it being dry lately) as it’s harvest time. But then, a farmer that doesn’t have something to complain about just isn’t trying! :) I kid. (Sorta…)

Anyway, neglected to check the ol’ rain gauge yesterday; one of our cats decided to trip me as I left the house yesterday, distracting me from that task. So checking today, we see our two day total: 5.5″! Wow!


A little late for the tomatoes & peppers, but I bet the spinach will appreciate the infusion.

Paleo Schmaleo

One of the biggest disservices the whole Paleo movement did to itself was saddle itself with that silly damn name. Pure marketing maneuvering.

But then, if it was called “eat more clean meats and vegetables, less sugar and booze, and stop eating that crap that exists only through a factory,” would it get near the press it does? (Plus, awfully hard to fit that on a book title!)

Calling it paleo makes some simpletons think “Well, what would Paleolithic man have eaten?” and attempt to emulate that instead of focusing on what it really aims to get you to do: eat real food. This isn’t a historical reenactment.

How about the “Eat This – This Is Actually Food™” diet?