My name is Sean Oelkers and I am a 42 year old father of an amazing little 9 year old boy named Toby, a menagerie of pets both indoors and out, and the husband to a wonderful woman, Lynn.

We live in rural Nebraska on a few marginally maintained acres of blissful quiet that occasionally see massive, road blocking blizzards that make us question our sanity living out here. The other 99% of the year really is wonderful – don’t want to scare ya’ off if you’re considering moving here! For example, that header up top is my view from the corner of our property.

I’m a voracious reader & researcher on a number of topics, and am putting up this site sharing and commenting on a variety of my interests. For instance, as of late:

  • Parenting from a dad’s perspective. Sometimes we’ll get muddy mom. Deal with it.
  • Eating well. Think primal or paleo. Basically, quality food prepared simply. No, I don’t want a donut. Really.
  • Moving around. Whether that means a jog down a dirt road, climbing at the local jungle gym, a swim in the lake, or just going for a leisurely stroll. No need to get crazy, just need to get mobile.
  • Autism. Because primal kid Toby gets to live with it and thus, by extension, so do we. Though be warned, if you show up arguing vaccines caused it and how everyone needs to avoid them, expect to be treated like the dolt you are. My house, my rules!
  • Education. Pretty meta, but I like learning about learning. Be curious. Don’t be afraid to go deep. About whatever topic you want. Because learning simply doesn’t happen if you don’t care about the topic.
  • Simplify. Life just isn’t that complicated. Unless you make it that complicated.
  • Have fun. Again, how you do so is up to you. My joy isn’t yours, but it’s probably sought out in similar ways.

Hope you find my ramblings interesting! Feel free to drop me a line┬áif something tweaks your imagination – I’d love to hear it!